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Old Crow Gallery 64 Piece Dementia Puzzle



Friendly Challenge

Our vibrant 16,36 and 64 piece puzzles achieve a perfect balance between challenge and achievement for patients with dementia at different stages.

A Cut Above

All puzzles for dementia patients are made of durable cardboard for easier cleaning. In addition, the sturdy construction extends the service life of the product.

More To Love

More larger pieces puzzle , our tiles are easy to manipulate and strengthen fine motor skills for all stages.

Bright Color

The bright and strong color of oil paintings can effectively improve the short-term memory and functional skills of patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Oil Painter

The art of our puzzles are inspired by Oil Paintings. Made for the elderly by Artists who combine colors with real life scenes.

Gift Wrapping

The portable packaging design with beautiful pictures can enable dementia patients to use puzzle products anytime and anywhere.

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Origin: China

Material: Recycled Cardboard

Puzzle Size: 30 * 22cm

Check our 64 piece puzzles which are challenging enough and designed for people living with early stage.


64 Piece


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